Meet the Webinar Team!

John Kacperski

John Kacperski leads our Low Voltage Technology Group. He has over 44 years of technology design experience with a core focus on infrastructure. He is an accomplished and results-driven technology consultant with data center planning and design, construction and program management, physical layer design and planning, and overall IT operations experience. John has extensive experience in leading enterprise-wide implementations that streamline operations, optimize productivity, and introduce system efficiencies in a cost-effective manner. He consistently meets operational and budgetary objectives with any project while sustaining technology environments that demand high performance and uninterrupted operations.

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Mikhail Fuks

Mikhail Fuks has 15 years of mechanical engineering experience focusing on healthcare facilities for both acute and outpatient care. He's the head of the P2S Healthcare Market, which has grown substantially in recent years, becoming one of the top sectors for P2S. He has sound knowledge in HVAC, including previous experience in designs for cleanrooms, laboratory and manufacturing facilities, and critical facilities such as data centers, call centers, central plants and high-rise structures.

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Krystle Villagran

Krystle Villagran is a Technology System Designer with over 10 years of progressive experience in the IT/Telecommunications field being with the US Armed Forces. She has installed, operated, and performed diagnostic analysis on tactical network equipment. As part of the Technology Team at P2S, she works on campus-wide security assessments and standards developments, security, telecom, nurse call, and all technology-related upgrades. Krystle excels in problem-solving, critical thinking and troubleshooting minimizes downtime and contributes to the team meeting or exceeding design goals.

AJ Escomiendo

AJ Escomiendo has over 11 years of experience as a technology systems designer in the building engineering and consulting industry, specializing in IT infrastructure, structured cabling, audiovisual and security technology systems. He is well-versed in the 3D aspect of design and drafting and highly experienced in Revit and AutoCAD. Goal-oriented, innovative and a problem solver, AJ has a strong reputation for delivering projects on schedule for IT, audiovisual (AV), and security systems design projects.