Cal Poly Pomona

Medium Voltage Electrical Infrastructure Upgrade

Cal Poly Pomona Medium Voltage Electrical Infrastructure Upgrade Wh1
Cal Poly Pomona Medium Voltage Electrical Infrastructure Upgrade Wh1
  • Location

    Pomona, CA
  • Project Dates

    June 2016 – June 2019
  • Construction Cost

    $20 million
  • Market

    Public University
  • Expansive electrical upgrades designed for future campus growth

  • Project Overview

    Cal Poly Pomona is devoted to the application of knowledge, it’s in their school motto. True to their word, the University produces high-quality agricultural and STEM research as well as a top-notch engineering program. When the university’s growth began placing unsustainable demands on its outdated 4.16kV medium voltage electrical system, they turned to P2S for a campus-wide electrical upgrade.

  • Solution

    The pending transfer of the former Lanterman Development Center to Cal Poly Pomona planned for additional academic and research would render the current electrical system inadequate. The existing system reached it useful life and needed additional capacity, so P2S revamped the electrical infrastructure with a new switchgear building, 12kV arc-resistant double-ended switchgear, medium voltage cables and new concrete-encase underground duct banks. We are replacing the existing 12kV/4.16kV substations in each of the buildings on campus and providing selector switches backed by a sophisticated SCADA system configured in loops to allow redundancy and individual building isolation. This state-of-the-art solution allows the electrical system to self-heal in seconds in the event of a major failure. We’re also including power monitoring systems at the main switchgear and at each substation, where data will be sent to a monitoring location through the centralized campus network to allow facilities staff to know exactly how much energy is being used. After completion in June 2019, the university will have improved power reliability, flexibility and capacity needs to meet the demands of a growing campus and eager minds. While Cal Poly grads light up the STEM world, P2S is making sure their facilities are powered up.

  • (1) 1600 SF Switchgear Building

    (29) Selector Switches

    (20) Manholes

    (37) Building Substations

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