Cal Poly Pomona, Chilled Water Delta T Improvement

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  • Chilled water distribution system and controls upgrades boost capacity at Cal Poly Pomona

  • Project Overview

    Cal Poly Pomona invested critical capital into the capacity of its campus central chilled water plant and thermal energy storage system. Their goal was to have an efficient and cost-effective means to cool the main campus buildings, with enough capacity for the upcoming Administration Building replacement and a new Student Housing Complex. The plant serves 19 campus buildings, for a total of 1.88 million gross square feet. Cal Poly turned to us to upgrade plant controls to adequately support these buildings and maximize the plant’s chilled water production and storage capacity for the next 10 to 15 years.

  • Solution

    Our services included upgrading controllers, controlled devices and control sequences at the buildings served by the plant to help improve chilled water ΔT. We also replaced coils that were not able to support increased ΔT. Our commissioning team also upgraded the operational sequences for chilled water production and the storage system, ensuring the most efficient operation and safeguarding equipment for the future.