Principal - Notkin a P2S Inc. Company & Engineering Group Leader

Larry Swartz


Larry Swartz has 35 years of mechanical design experience and nearly 20 years of design-build experience. He has a strong understanding of waterfront facility best practices, leading the mechanical design of more than $232 million in waterfront and pier construction over the past 15 years for the US Navy, US Coast Guard, and Port of Everett. He has managed eight prime on-call contracts for the US Navy and one for the Port of Seattle. These contracts have yielded up to 60 simultaneous task orders, all of which Larry led to being delivered on schedule and on budget with high-quality performance.

Larry joined Notkin in 1989 and joined the firm’s third generation of leadership in 1997. He is a licensed mechanical engineer in nearly all states in the Pacific region, including Washington, Alaska, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Hawaii. Larry encourages Notkin’s culture of critical thinking while solving complex problems. As he frequently serves in a principal-in-charge or QA/QC role, Notkin projects benefit from Larry’s in-depth knowledge, practical approach to problem-solving and acute attention to client service.