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US Navy, P-990B Waterfront Operations Facility

  • Location

    Naval Base Kitsap, Silverdale, WA
  • Project Dates

    September 2013 – June 2014
  • Construction Cost

    $14.9 million
  • Size

    15,000 SF
  • Delivery Method

  • Market

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  • Project Overview

    This project directly supported the construction of Explosives Handling Wharf #2 (EHW2) by relocating Buildings 7246 and 7247 and incorporating their program functions into the KB Dock Mission Essential Operations Facility. The resulting design is a new three-story operations facility with industrial shop space with a bridge crane bay on the ground floor and office, conference rooms, and locker spaces on the second and third floors.

  • Solution

    Mechanical design included HVAC with controls and plumbing systems. High-efficiency mechanical systems were used through the facility, including a dedicated outdoor air unit with variable refrigerant flow terminal units. A new compressed air system was provided for the shop areas. The project met the sustainability requirements of the Guiding Principles for Federal Leadership in High Performance and Sustainable Buildings.