UC Irvine, Central Plant Boiler Replacement

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  • 3D Laser scan aided central plant design

  • Project Overview

    UC Irvine turned to P2S as for MEP engineering design services for the demolition and replacement of two steam boilers with two high temperature water generators. Although a single project, the steam boiler demolition and high temperature water generator installation was phase 1 of the project, with the second generator designed as phase 2. Phase 1 also featured piping modifications to reconfigure the high temperature water pumping system from pulling through to pushing through the existing heat exchangers.

  • Solution

    We provided detailed 3D Revit drawings, generated via laser scan of the central plant and affected areas. All equipment and piping clearances were verified for constructability conflicts through 3D imaging and site visits. The project also included comprehensive P&ID drawings of the existing high temperature water system to allow a complete understanding of plant operations. We calculated thermal expansion calculations for all new and existing piping and coordinated with the boiler replacement design. We assembled a hydraulic model of the central plant high temperature water system to validate pressure ratings and valve selections.