Huntington Memorial Hospital, Utility Infrastructure Upgrades

  • Location

    Pasadena, CA
  • Project Dates

    August 2015 - April 2018 (est)
  • Construction Cost

    $19 million
  • Market

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  • Utilities upgrades for a seismically safe & healthy hospital

  • Project Overview

    When Huntington Hospital needed utilities improvements, they turned to us for infrastructure expertise. We upgraded the 4160V utility service distribution lines on the hospital campus and rerouted the existing building service lines through underground tunnels and seismically complaint spaces. We also upgraded the building emergency power services by connecting the existing HVAC systems and new 4160V site distribution for increased capacity to support interior renovation projects happening at the time of our design.

  • Solution

    At the project’s outset, we analyzed six different business cases regarding the existing MEP infrastructure. This assessment included replacing existing chillers and cooling towers within the central plant to accommodate the expansion of services required by three of the business case scenarios. We used PipeFlo modeling to assist in making specific recommendations for the chilled water system.