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City of Long Beach, Sorrento Alamitos Bay Shoreline Trail

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  • Lighting the way for Long Beach’s waterfront pedestrians

  • Project Overview

    The City of Long Beach and the California Coastal Commission worked together to provide pedestrian access along the Los Cerritos Channel through the Sorrento Alamitos Bay Shoreline Trail. We provided lighting design for the security lighting along the 15-foot wide, public right-of-way, ADA-compliant trail. The project included improvements to five vertical accessways, including stairs, which connect the trail to the sidewalks, as well as sidewalk and roadway improvements.

  • Solution

    This project was prompted by the narrowing canals from the Naples Seawall Repair project and runs along the northwest shoreline of Naples Island. The trail helps to protect the natural habitat, enhances public access to the water and aids in the future repair of the Naples seawall.