CSULB Brotman Lighting 1 W
CSULB Brotman Lighting 2 W
CSULB Brotman Lighting 3 W
CSULB Brotman Lighting 4 W

Cal State Long Beach, Brotman Hall Lighting

  • Location

    Long Beach, CA
  • Project Dates

    October 2017- September 2018
  • Size

    2,500 SF
  • Market

    Public University
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  • Project Overview

    Brotman Hall contains CSULB’s Division of Administration and Finance which oversees enrollment services, financial aid and other important functions. When the building’s President's Suite and Lobby were due for renovations, the university hired us to design the upgrades which included an all-new, lighting layout with energy-efficient LED fixtures and controls.

  • Solution

    The renovations reconfigured the floor plan, requiring demolition plans for affected light fixtures. Our lighting designers created a new lighting plan with fixture and control locations for the new floor plan. Our team also conducted a photometric analysis with the new light fixtures to demonstrate to CSULB that its desired lighting levels would be reached. We extended the existing lighting circuits, so they would be able to serve the new lights and included receptacle locations required to accommodate the new floor plan’s fixtures. As a final flourish, we installed decorative luminaires for the lobby and an inside conference room.