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Applied Medical Resources, Cogeneration Plant

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  • Renewable heat and energy help power medical manufacturing

  • Project Overview

    Our team provided project management, mechanical, plumbing and process piping engineering, construction documents, cost estimates and construction administration for a new 85,000 SF plastic injection molding facility for medical device manufacturing. We designed a separate central plant to handle the cooling, heating, cogeneration, and process utilities and implemented N+1 redundancy into all critical utility systems.

  • Solution

    This project involved careful development of clean manufacturing spaces with temperature and humidity control. The high-bay manufacturing space HVAC design used computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling to optimize air distribution while minimizing temperature gradients within the spaces. We used gas-fired steam humidifiers to control humidity in the buildings and a combined cooling, heat and power microturbine plant to provide electrical power while utilizing waste heat for cooling and heating. Process utilities include process-cooling water, RO system, process vacuum, clean dry air, material-conveying systems, and house vacuum. Our team 3D modeled all building systems in Autodesk REVIT.