AARP Lakewood

Building Audit & Assessment

Aarp Lakewood Building Audit And Assessment Wh1
Aarp Lakewood Building Audit And Assessment Wh1
  • Location

    Lakewood, CA
  • Project Dates

    July 2011-October 2015
  • Construction Cost

    $5.5 million
  • Size

    85,250 SF
  • Market

  • Building audit and seismic retrofit keep an office building healthy and occupants happy

  • Project Overview

    We worked with Kardent Design for a comprehensive survey of existing building conditions at AARP’s Lakewood office. We identified deficiencies that required repairs, code compliance issues and potential energy efficiency measures. We also conducted audits of the HVAC, electrical, plumbing and limited security systems through a field investigation of rooftop AC units and exhaust fans, computer room AC units and condensers, distribution ductwork, zone controls and pneumatic controls system.

  • Solution

    The electrical systems we surveyed included indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures and control systems, the main electrical switchboard and panelboards, and the standby generator system. The plumbing systems included domestic hot water system, sanitary drainage system, natural gas system, plumbing fixtures, and fire protection system. The security and telecom systems included outdoor video surveillance and associated video recording systems, telecom pathways, and telecom rooms. We also seismically retrofitted the entire building, made ADA and Title 24 upgrades, added a new fire life safety system, and repaired and replaced systems as per conditions report.

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