The P2S Incubator: A Breeding Ground for Innovation

P2S incubator groups develop ideas and innovations for market application. They also create new and improved processes and events for internal adoption. These research teams are an integral part of our corporate strategy, which emphasizes continuous improvement to retain an advantage in a highly competitive market. P2S incubator groups have devised numerous technological breakthroughs that have led to new services like 3D laser scanning, creative solutions to challenging design problems and expansion into new markets. The think-tank like atmosphere of our incubator groups lets us stay ahead of ever-shifting client needs.

Incubator Teams

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board supports and researches new services and technologies that develop new P2S business opportunities and relationships. They create firm-guiding documents and white papers, implement the 3-year-strategic plan, analyze market trends for expansion opportunities and search for new engineering innovations.

Dev Team

The Dev Team is the incubator’s tactical arm, which focuses on projects related to improving internal efficiency, workflow, and company culture. They stay current with new technology and think about ways in which it can be deployed to launch new services, improve our organization, increase office collaboration, and make our client solutions even better. The Dev Team also facilitates the new hires and mentor programs, a series of quarterly lectures, interactive workshops and one-on-one mentoring that prepare new hires for a successful career at P2S.



The incubator acts as a device for generating and developing whitepapers through a communal effort of identifying key topics impacting our industry for both our internal staff and external clients.

Moving Towards Your True Potential

Energy Efficiency And Thermal Comfort

Creating And Maintaining Indoor Air Quality

Heathcare Facilities Cx

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