P2S Incubator: A Breeding Ground for Innovation

The P2S Incubator is a think-tank hub that houses various teams from diverse engineering backgrounds who meet on a regular basis to collaborate and develop new ideas, innovations and solutions for the betterment of the company and its clients. Through a blend of networking and mentoring, trusted advisors and team members share ideas and solutions that are geared toward benefitting the needs of our clients. The P2S Incubator paves the way for trusted partnerships toward growth and client success through innovative solutions built upon trust, integrity, purpose, value and critical thinking.

Incubator Teams

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board supports and researches new services and technologies that develop new P2S business opportunities and relationships. They create firm-guiding documents and white papers, implement the 3-year-strategic plan, analyze market trends for expansion opportunities and search for new engineering innovations.

Dev Team

The Dev Team is the incubator’s tactical arm, which focuses on projects related to improving internal efficiency, workflow, and company culture. They stay current with new technology and think about ways in which it can be deployed to launch new services, improve our organization, increase office collaboration, and make our client solutions even better. The Dev Team also facilitates the new hires and mentor programs, a series of quarterly lectures, interactive workshops and one-on-one mentoring that prepare new hires for a successful career at P2S.

MEPT Design Automation Team

The MEPT Design Automation Team, led by Vice President/Principal Aravind Batra, is comprised of engineers and designers with a passion for automating our designs. They meet monthly to strategize how to automate the workflows within our current design processes. P2S recognizes how computational design is changing the way building systems are designed and we are excited to be at the forefront and leading the way.



The incubator acts as a device for generating and developing whitepapers through a communal effort of identifying key topics impacting our industry for both our internal staff and external clients.

Moving Towards Your True Potential

Energy Efficiency And Thermal Comfort

Creating And Maintaining Indoor Air Quality

Heathcare Facilities Cx

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