Meet the P2S Healthcare Leaders!

Darren Schwend

Darren Schwend is a long-time leader for mechanical and infrastructure updates for hospitals and medical centers and university and community college campuses in the Pacific Northwest. He is passionate about implementing energy-efficient design strategies to help facilities and medical centers to meet Washington state mandates for lower energy usage. Darren became a P2S Associate Principal in 2020. He is a licensed mechanical engineer and a LEED accredited professional for Building Design + Construction.

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Zoltan Mezei

Zoltan Mezei leads the mechanical engineering team responsible for healthcare design. He has over 18 years of experience in the building engineering field. His specialties include the design of medical facilities and OSHPD hospital projects, along with the preparation of feasibility studies to assist clients in sustainable and efficient system selections. Zoltan has also served as project manager for numerous projects, including OSHPD renovations and new construction.

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